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The Purple guide issues the best place where it shops in the most interesting destination in the travel guide that offers the visitor information on the one to be seen and where the eating and drinking, and Italy.

Rome and our guide book to Venice, Toscana, Turin, and Piedmont describe the best one each city should offer it in detail. Because your time of holiday is valuable, we know the boring bit is put. To make you arrive there, the guide of purple finds the enjoyment where, and says you whether to give you an extremely plain map.

The new one is Rugby World Cup 2007 in 2007:Official business making a passage guide. Especially, it is written for the rugby fan, and the Official Travel guide puts all information on the travel to the event with the section in each host city in France, Principality, and Scotland. The guide puts the map encoded by the color to those positions of a stadium and a detailed instruction. Moreover, we teach you the method of finding the best rugby bar to sense it deeply as well as a lot of other useful hints and tipping it. This is the only travel guide to Rugby World Cup 2007 approved by International Rugby Board.

Press review

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'Rugby World Cup 2007Official Travel guide' Chic, profitable, very practicable 'Daily report Telegraph'. . . Complete guide for earnest rugby traveler. 'In it, everything where you are left in detail to private circumstances regardless of your jumping or being planning the tournament long trip to the opponent in the Channel is' daily report Express.

Venice:Times recommended by book on purple guide 'The insider's contact is brought' Week and Antony Sattin and Adrian Bridge and Telegraph on in Saturday Sunday.

Rome: It is recommended by Flying Visit on Purple guide soil a day of the week, and Guardian is 'Clearly, write by the touche of the humour' in times of the West Chris and Sunday.

The new publication of the guide of our Venice was completely updated, and revised for the restaurant and the nightlife by the latest list. You will not find the guide of the present provinces or more in Venice on the market today. The previous version received the highest praise with Sunday Times and Telegraph on Saturday. We say you how to have stolen all the money so that the inside story concerning Palace of Doge may be given to you, and Venetian may decorate Basilica Sammarco. Our Venice restaurant list was compiled by advice by Venetian's chef, and our shopping guide was researched by the artist of working Venetian.

The travel guide of our Rome says the secret from Roman ruins to the Vatican palace to you in the historical personage back:Moreover, when the in-depth information is offered, the bar, caf, and eacute have been won a prize in the most wonderful point to eat best;The complex of [ju-riasu] Caesar's hair, and pope Borgia's orgy and s of the Eternal city

Please meet the Purple guide if it wants to do skiing of the slope of the Olympics that upgrades newly with Sestriere and Piedmont or you want to enjoy the feast of the chocolate in Turin:Turin and the foot of a mountain zone. Our specialist's skiing writer has loose bowels the best, and puts you of where going, and egrave in the newest lift and wonderful apr secretly; S-skiing. Moreover, the guide covers the garden in the wine of the Maggiore lake in Turin and Langhe, the best restaurants, aperitivo bars, and night clubs.

The Purple guide is a complete travel guide for the interruption of the city in your Italy whether you are looking for the best skiing in the guide to the Rome nightlife or the Alps in Italy on a romantic weekend of Venice regardless of.

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